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    "Let’s say humans are pictures, if you put 24 of them together you have a basic one second video. But if you unite ALL of them, you create a world in movement. The motion picture of humanity, a movie of togetherness in which we are all actors, telling one sole story of LOVE.


    This is the way we are going to heal the world. Peace and Unity are the lungs of LOVE allowing the World to breathe. Let’s ALL become co-producers, directing towards World Peace and make this movie a reality. For your consideration…"


    Manuel Frederick & Andrew Tisba




    "Each generation has its young people who take a stand. They take a stand against the injustices of the life handed to them by the previous generations. They decide to actively promote humanity rather than be passive spectators. The founders of #letsALLconnect are of that ilk! I accepted the honor of being the Patron (I’ll say “Marraine” in French) of this worldwide movement of Human Connectivity, because their spirit and action reflect the same values that I’ve been defending throughout my entire work. "


    Euzhan Palcy


  • Race for Peace USA

    Follow this Cross Country Road Trip for Peace across all 50 US States

  • Peace Actions

    Take a photo for peace and tag it with the #connect hashtag.

    By posting your selfie you become a pioneer of Human Connectivity, inspiring not only your friends but all the people around you to connect through a human touch.

    Genesis of Movement

    First #CONNECT Day of Action

    The Paris video was shot on January 30th and 31st 2016. Despite the rain and the cold, we were connecting hundreds of people throughout the day. The Selfie of Human Connectivity was born and proven to spread joy and inspiration. Watch and learn how to take your own “Selfie for Peace”


    Chain of Human Connectivity

    Standing together for Peace

    Witness the power of human connection and interaction in this video, shot in Paris and New York. In two of the most vibrant cities of the World with millions of visitors every year, we made random people of all different origins, cultures, ethnicities and ages connect palm-to-palm. In the interviews you will see and hear the joyful shift of people experiencing Human Connectivity.


    Global Peace and Unity

    Supporting Cannes / France Flood Victims

    Modern technology brings the World closer together. We want to use that power for the good of mankind. This Video of Connectivity is connecting Mayor of Beverly Hills, John A. Mirisch with director of the Jury of the 2016 Cannes Film festival, George Miller and film director Euzhan Palcy with the founders of #CONNECT to support the victims of the floods in Cannes/France in October 2015


    Children's Box of Human Connectivity

    Uplifting Children's Voices

    The CHILDREN’S BOX OF HUMAN CONNECTIVITY was created by #CONNECT to give children around the world a global voice and a platform to communicate their needs and visions to the world. The Human Connectivity box gives them a tool to use their natural creativity and their simplicity to better their world.
  • In the words of patron Euzhan Palcy


    "They stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, who like them, strove to make our World a better and safer place. When we ALL connect palm-to-palm it demonstrates mutual LOVE, RESPECT, SOLIDARITY and HUMANITY. When we ALL connect palm-to-palm, we make the impossible possible "

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    Smile train is an international children's charity with a sustainable approach to a single solvable problem: cleft lip palate.


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    INNOCENCE IN DANGER (IED) is a worldwide operating non-profit organization for the protection of children against any form of abuse.


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